M.A.P. (Mission Advancement Participation) Campaign

The M.A.P. (Mission Advancement Participation) Campaign

Got a cup of coffee in hand or nearby?

Your brothers throughout the country need your help! In the Chapter map above, you can see various pins identifying the locations of Fraternus Chapters. There are many locations across our great country where our brothers in Christ currently don't have access to what Fraternus has to offer.

Are you willing to sacrifice one or two cups of coffee a month, in a fasting spirit, for the intention of the growth of our brotherhood of virtuous men? Are you willing to take the money saved and redirect it to our cause? With your commitment to a monthly pledge today, and for as little as $5 a month (the cost of 2 cups of black coffee at your local gas station) you will contribute to the spreading of the Fraternus mission and our brotherhood to all 50 states!

Give up the cups of Joe to help out your brother Joes!