Fraternus / Fidelis

New Chapter Registration Form

Registration form heading

Officer Roles are outlined in the info packet.  Chapters should start with a minimum of 7 men (5 Officers, 1 Commander, and at least 1 Captain).  

Roles may be switched around at a later date, but this application ensures there are enough men to start an excellent Chapter.  

It should be noted, however, that once a Chapter is awarded to a new parish there is a period for recruiting and training more Captains.  Fraternus is not just a program for boys, but a way for an existing brotherhood of men to mentor boys into virtuous Catholic men.  To do that, the first effort is toward building that brotherhood.  Chapters range from a 8 to 1 ratio boys to men, but also include upwards of a 50/50 ratio.  In other words - the more men the better!

If you have any questions regarding this application or the process of starting a Chapter, please email or call (855) 879-3823.

After submitting, a Fraternus Sage or staff member will call for an interview and to review the application.